Woman terrified after discovering someone had hidden a tracker on her car

A woman was left shaken and scared after her cousin found an Apple AirTag hidden behind the registration plate on her car, and she still has no idea who put it there or why

A woman was left terrified after discovering someone had hidden a tracker on her car – and she has no clue who put it there or why.

Ashley Estrada had been out with her cousin when all of a sudden her iPhone detected a nearby Apple AirTag, so the pair tried to find out.

To their surprise, it was on Ashley’s car – hidden behind the licence plate – and whoever placed it there would have been able to track Ashley’s movements, as the Daily Star reports.

Ashley, from Los Angeles, US, said she had no idea who had placed the device there – and shared a video of the discovery to spread awareness of just how easy it is to track people.

In the video, Ashley said: “I’m literally f***ing shaking – look what I just found on my car.”

Her cousin then shows the app on her phone which reveals the device has tracked the car’s every stop.

In a later video, Ashley explained she discovered the tracker after her cousin’s girlfriend got a notification that an AirTag had been detected nearby.

“I was hanging out with my cousin’s girlfriend, and next thing you know she gets a notification on her phone, which is how we found out because it told us.

“It says first seen at 7:34, so that’s when they put it on my car.

“Then it said ‘Play Sound,’ which is what we did…and this is how we were able to detect where it was at on my car.”

She added that she plans to contact Apple with the details of the tag in the hope of finding who it belongs to.

Since the videos were shared, thousands of people flooded the comments section sharing their horror at what they saw.

“Imagine she didn’t have an iPhone and never even knew she was being tracked,” one said.

Another commented: “This is so scary, please stay safe, keep us updated.”

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